Do You Have Symptoms of Adult ADD?

I just finished taking this quick online test. Check yourself using this non-scientific test.
Come back and tell us your results. In my humble opinion (according to the test indicators) I believe more people will test positive for Adult ADD. Test all of your adult family and friends and post comments and results here. After enough people take the test I’ll provide a graph of the results.

My test results – “Score:32 – Boderline Adult ADD.”


2 thoughts on “Do You Have Symptoms of Adult ADD?

  1. I haven’t taken the test yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if I tested positive. I think most people would. But I wonder if it’s really Adult ADD. I think we’ve just become too overworked with juggling everything and everyone in our lives. Multi-tasking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. (In my humble opinion.)

  2. I do have adult ADD, there’s more extensive tests on the internet. Some people that I know don’t have it also will test positive as well. It’s good to get diagnosed but then there’s the push for medication. Diet has a lot to do with controlling ADD. Mine is really bad right now because I’m pregnant and nursing a one year old…I’m so tired. Anyway, there’s a lot of factors that go into ADD and a lot of ways to make your life easy without going to drugs.

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