God’s Design is Best

If only, I were taller or smaller. If only I could sing a little better. Perhaps I could teach children so they could understand the mysteries of the Bible a tad bit better. Or maybe if I wash all the clothes, cook all the favorite meals, run all the errands, attend all the church services and programs, perhaps then I would be a good christian woman.

Tell me, what’s your idea… of God’s design for a good christian woman.

Super Mom


One thought on “God’s Design is Best

  1. I posted this awhile back and still want to know what you believe. What did God have in mind when he designed you? Personally, I laugh at myself and don’t take myself too seriously. Wondering what this product that He has made will end up like. When it’s all said and done will I look more like His design or mine? So today, God I place myself, once again, back on Your easel so you can complete what you have started.

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