Pain Remedy and Cures

Millions of people suffer with arthritis and fibromyalgia and seek cures. I’m counted in the number of arthritic sufferers. Lately, the pain has been pretty bad. I’m not able to move without “Arthrur” speaking to me. And, my comfortable chair is not so comfy when my hips ache and my knees are in what I call the SCP Stage; Swell, Creak and Pain, because they’ve been bent too long in the sitting position. It’s a constant cycle of try to move the body–ouch pain! Sit down to relieve the body–ouch pain! Enough is enough! I’ve started a quest to find home remedies for pain that have been tried by the masses —that work. Share them here for others who want a little relief.

People claim that these work but don’t know why. Have you tried these home remedies? What has been your experience?
Remedy #1
Every morning you are going to add a half lime’s juice to your regular coffee (half a cup) and after 1/2 hour you can have your breakfast. It stopped my friend’s buckling hands and after drinking two days, I am pain free. She says she uses it once in a while now.

Remedy #2

This is the top arthritic remedy that I’ve found –

Ingredients: golden raisins and gin.

Empty the raisins into a bowl and pour in just enough gin to cover the raisins. Allow the gin to evaporate (about one week) and then place the moist raisins in a jar with a lid.

Eat nine raisins a day. They go well on cereal!

Watch this video that shows how to prepare your raisins. Make sure you don’t forget to tell us your pain remedies.


3 thoughts on “Pain Remedy and Cures

  1. I’ve never heard of the lime or raisin cures, but recently remembered an old friend of my mothers, who rubbed WD40 on her painful joints and said it helped.

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