Encourage Yourself

The uncertain times we are living in means that we must encourage others and ourselves. With jobs folding up daily, mortgages being loss, inability to pay medical bills, unstable gas, water, and food prices, children acting out, it’s no wonder suicide and crime are on the rise in the United States. When I share this song with those who are at their lowest point in life I have been told it gives them just the nudge to keep on believing in self and God. Remember, God has not forgotten you. Even in the darkest night He can see clearly the Sun/Son shining and interceding for you. Hold On…He really does want to bless you in a remarkable way.


One thought on “Encourage Yourself

  1. Hold on young soldiers. God sees the plight you’re in. He is a present help. Believe everything the Lord said about you. Encourage yourself in these difficult and tumultuous times. He will not leave nor forsake you…”I have been young and now I’m old have never seen the righteous forsaken nor His seed begging bread.”

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