Are Organic Foods Really Better for You…Really?

In 2005 after being diagnosed with an unhealthy gut caused by Crohns Disease and now battling another auto immune disease I have begun the move toward organically grown foods. I have become serious, cautious and picky about what I put in my finicky glut. But what I’m starting to wonder…can I trust all the food labels?

We all see the “Organically Grown” signs in the produce section of the food stores. Packaging of other foods like dairy products, chips, pretzels, frozen burgers and veggies, and don’t forget free range chickens all indicate they are better food choices because of the process they are prepared or grown. Granted, less pesticides and free roaming chickens may have gotten into our supermarkets through seemingly less abusive product preparations, but are they really more healthier for us? One thing for sure…they are more expensive. I’ve posted this video to see if you agree. Or, perhaps you buy only “Organic” and can tell the difference in your body.  I’m asking for those who have made the switch to organically grown foods to share how you feel or what you’ve noticed since you made the switch.

Organic Food Nutrition Facts


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