Celebrate World Kidney… Everyday

There are parts of our body that we take for granted. We don’t give their function a second thought. We expect that when our feet touch the floor in the morning the rest of our body and bodily functions will fall in line and do their part. Let’s face it, we just expect them to work. But, when they don’t, there can be major medical hurdles to jump over. I am learning the hard way…we must do what is wise for our body to perform the way it is designed. I realize that the Bible reminds us that God’s design of the human body is perfect. From every organ of the body, to a minute cell, reveals that it is “fearfully and wonderfully made”.  Realizing that, I must be diligent to do my part to take care of it so that it performs as intended.  I encourage you to take care of your body so that it will take care of you. Why not make one these personal World Kidney Day pledges? While it’s always nice to give monetary gifts, these pledges are not about money. They are pledges or decisions and commitments that you will make about how you treat your body. Lastly, think of those who struggle in unbelievable ways to recapture functions they have lost. Although World Kidney Day was March 8, 2012, we should remember those who need kidney transplants. In their honor, why not consider celebrating World Kidney Day…everyday.



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