MDWOW…Remembering the Past


Yes, it’s still in the works…

While remembering some of the editions of the Maryland Women of Worship Inspirational Guide (formerly Devotional Guide) we are taking a step to introduce the new online version, the Maryland Women of Worship magazine, “A Moment with the King. This is your opportunity to sound out and let your voice be heard.

Since this magazine will represent ‘up and coming’ Christian writers and readers we value your input. What are some things you’d like to see in the magazine? Such as, How should it be organized? How many devotions, articles, and lessons should be included in each magazine? Does use of color effect the overall look? Would it matter if the magazine were printed in black/white only? How much advertising do you want to see..would you advertise your product(s) in the magazine? How many contests would you like to see? What kind of contests?  I think you get the idea. We just want to know how you’d like to see the magazine.

Taking a Look Back at some of our Past Editions…

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2 thoughts on “MDWOW…Remembering the Past

  1. Thanks so much. Check back to see our progress and spread the word. Just because the name is Maryland Women of Worship doesn’t mean we only showcase Maryland writers.

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