Nigerian Fashion Show

I am looking forward to seeing the Nigerian styles offered by the 2012 fashion extravaganza.



Nigeria Fashion Week showcases African designers

Nigeria’s largest city has host to a Fashion Week event in an effort to draw new attention to African designers. African fashion designers are using together their tradition and international trends to gain attention on the world stage. The 77 designers offered a range of outfits combination of traditional fabrics with international aesthetics. Victoria Island in Nigeria’s economic capital Lagos was home to one of Africa’s biggest fashion shows.

Nigerian designer Toju Foyeh said: “My designs are basically for young and middle-aged people, although I target the youth more as they are most likely to have a drive to look good.” New York-based designer Loza Maleombho debuted a collection that draws from the traveling Tuareg people of the Sahara Desert and Afghan traditional wear. ARISE Magazine Fashion Week in Lagos, now in its second year, highlighted the work of typically African or Africa-influenced designers…

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