Espresso Is Not Just Coffee…It Now Prints Books On Demand

Working with writers and readers for a few years and you hear all the complaints, concerns, and desires. I’ve even heard a desire for writers to be able to print their books on demand without the publisher’s cost. Now, this machine might be the thing to make those dreams a reality.  The main attraction of this machine is “the prospect of a vast inventory of millions of titles to choose from and the excitement for authors of holding a book while still warm “with a laminated cover and bright white paper” at a price of $8 per book for 100 copies.” The only problem, this machine was introduced in 2009, but has never really caught on. Hopefully, it’s not a thought gone by. Because with the Espresso being able to print-on-demand service to patrons it could be the first step in establishing public libraries as a center for on-demand book printing and self-publishing. Now that would make any self-publishing writer smile. Writers and library patrons should make their voice heard. If there is a demand, it just might happen. Talk to your local library and book stores. Let it be known there is a demand for this machine.

Move over Kindle, and all the other electronic readers…Espresso is in town. Writers if you pitch your books to an audience who are not mesmerized by the plethora of electronic readers and  like the feel of an authentic book, you’re still have some steam offered by the Espresso Book Machine.



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