What’s the Magic Word?

Early this morning, after reading Baltimore’s “rude” status in the publication Travel + Leisure, (see previous post) I decided to go looking for the overall “rudeness climate” of the country. Low and behold, it didn’t take too long to come across an article about words that are quickly exiting American’s conversations. Words like “Please” and “Thank You” are actually beginning to help determine a person’s age. I’ve noticed that baby boomers and those born before them still  mostly use language niceties to communicate kindness toward each other.

Remember, not so long ago, when a mom or dad asked the question, “What’s the Magic Word?” In those days all of society knew that the answer was…”Please”. Or, if someone handed you something, then paused and looked at you and said “Now what do you say?” You knew they wanted the response… “Thank you.” Well, those days are quickly moving in a different direction and being replaced with answers that make you feel like your involvement in that segment of time spent with them was no big deal. Excuse me…I believe it’s a way to devalue your acts of kindness.

I must admit, I don’t get it. Who wants to be doused with rudeness all day? It takes me back to the days of “Do unto others…” I’m sure you know the rest of that rule. Even when you go out of your way to do something nice for someone, you’re fortunate if you hear “Thank you.” I’ve had several occasions of purchasing items like, gifts, or birthday gifts, picking up the lunch tab, bereavement cards and flowers, school items (because I wanted to – not because I was asked) for children and/or  adults. I wish I could tell you that I heard “Thanks or Thank you.” Not a word…Nope, not a peep… nada. The sad thing, is that some of the adults  were in high positions and called themselves very religious or Christians.  I’ve now learned to keep my money in my pocket and go my way. I’ve learned… I just don’t like being in the company with rude and ungrateful people. For those rude individuals who I happen upon in everyday life, please step aside so I can move on to be in the company of others who enjoy a pleasant “Please” and “Thank You.” It makes the day so much nicer.

Please take time to read this article that NPR posted on the same topic. Thank you.



2 thoughts on “What’s the Magic Word?

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