Christian Authors – Post Your Book Review

Are  you a woman Christian author who would like your book to be featured on our website? Go Here to read about our ministry. If so send me your information (a working email), the book information, how to purchase information, and a brief review of the book. (Note: for this opportunity I will accept only 3 links per book review.) Sorry, only one book or article per author will be accepted at this time. Yes, this offer is open to all former writers of our Maryland Women of Worship Devotional Guide too.

Why are we doing this? 

Many of you know that we are close to launching our new online magazine. Although our format will change, our goal has never changed. We still want to help women Christian authors become published and help support those who are already published, yet still struggling. So in an attempt to continue our tradition, I decided why not open the gates wide to all women Christian writers/authors.

 Deadline: Reviews must be in my inbox by 11:59 pm April 30th

 (Reviews will be posted as they are received)

 What are the Guidelines? 

Limit(s) (1) The review must be 250 words or less. Photos of books and authors are accepted. Please send all photos as jpg or gif files.

Limit(s) (2) I will accept  –  100 reviews  is the cut off number.   Sorry, no more than 100 at this time. Remember, only one review per author.

Limit(s) (3) Of course, the work must be your authentic work. You must have rights to your work for advertising purposes. I promise,  I will not use nor sell your private information  for any other project without your permission.


One thought on “Christian Authors – Post Your Book Review

  1. Here are a few answers to emailed questions that I’ve received about our upcoming Author Showcase:

    Question: Are authors limited to book reviews written by other persons or can authors submit their own review?
    Answer: Authors can submit their own review. Who knows the heart of your work better than you do? Take this opportunity to submit your own written review or an advertisement about your book.

    Question: Can authors link to their website?
    Answer: Absolutely! You may link to your website, book sale page, author blog, etc. You have the opportunity to link to three (3) outside sources. But only three links are allowed. Of course we will check the links to make certain they are family or God related. And, we will refuse links that are spam links or inappropriate or derogatory links. The link must also link directly to the page and not to a secondary page or redirect.

    Question: Will authors be notified if their book review will appear on Maryland Women of Worship’s Author Showcase?
    Answer: Yes, we will notify you in advance. A two (2) day notice will be given to the author.

    Note: Please forward emails to Label your emails that include your book review in the Reference or Subject section like this: Author Showcase First/Last Name (Date Sent). It should look like this:

    Author Showcase Jane Doe 3/31/2012

    God Bless,

    Wilhelmina Street
    Founder, CEO

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