She’s gone…to heaven…Oh how I miss Sasha Street

Why is life so hard….and death even harder?

It is with deepest regret that Sasha Street departed her life on earth at 7:38 pm, June 21, 2012. Tony and I were with her as she closed her eyes and took her final breath. She has been a wonderful companion who often acted like it was her job to take care of me. Tony and I would laugh often as we talked about whenever I got sick, she would get sick. Talk about sympathy pains! She was always beside me to purr my pains away. Each morning she would wake me, fuss at me until I’d get up and double lock the doors after Tony would leave on his way to work. Afterward, she would proudly go and sit in front of her bowl to be fed. With tears in my eyes and sobs in my throat…I’m glad I had the opportunity to say goodbye….Sasha I love you…Love, your best girlfriend, confidant, and mom.
Sasha Street….November 1997 – June 21, 2012

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