Bebe Winans: Republican convention performance not a Romney endorsement

It’s unfortunate this places Bebe Winans in a precarious situation. While I support his right to decide which presidential candidate he supports, some of his fans may withhold purchasing his gospel CD’s. Many will not hear that he has not made a voting decision. They only know what they saw, who they heard singing and immediately wondered if he has forgotten on what side his bread is buttered. Most of his Democratic fans are probably left scratching their heads while holding onto their wallets. It’s a shame he wasn’t compensated for his performance at the Republican National Convention because he can’t depend on that group for very many sales. That’s okay BeBe, I’ still love your music.


One thought on “Bebe Winans: Republican convention performance not a Romney endorsement

  1. Sorry ladies…I forgot to add the link to BeBe Winans website for your listening pleasure. Please don’t get it twisted, he has served our community for many years with great gospel sounds. He has a right to his own decisions. Just as all of us have a right to our voting decisions. “Winans said he is “still listening” to what both presidential candidates has to say, though he has “mostly made up his mind,” though he wouldn’t say for who. He was firm in saying his performance at the RNC was not an endorsement of Mitt Romney.

    Remember, let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. Continue to read all that you can (from both parties) and then make an informed decision on November 4, 2012. No matter who wins…November 5th is the beginning of a new day and we should work with whomever wins the election.

    Now for the soothing sounds of a great gospel singer, BeBe Winans listen here

    A memory – I personally remember, I was in the audience – “BeBe brought the otherwise composed President Barack Obama to tears when he sang “We Are Climbing Jacobs Ladder” at the funeral of Civil rights Matriarch, Dorothy Heights.”

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