Overcoming Writer’s Block


Let’s face it, if you write you will experience writer’s block at some point. It grabs you at times when you’re hard pressed to meet submission deadlines It causes panic and anxious thoughts of quitting the business of writing. Here’s a program I found today while stumbling around on the web. I’d like to hear what you think. Have you found  better ways to break through those difficult moments of difficult writing?

911 Writer’s Block



2 thoughts on “Overcoming Writer’s Block

  1. Interesting. The setup is very cute, and it’s quite possible that it could help break my writer’s block just by refreshing my brain with its cleverness. I usually handle it by letting a different part of my brain do the work for a while. If I’m getting block while trying to write the narrative, for example, I’ll take a break from that and work on storyboarding for a later chapter.

  2. For sure, writer’s block is a bear to tackle. I’ve gone for weeks at a time with a shortage of writing ideas. I find my best work comes in spurts when I’m caught without a pen. That’s when I use a small tape recorder. I’m so proud of your work. You keep me inspired.

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