Share Your Devotional Moments Around the World

“A Moment with the King” is where it all happens. Consider sharing moments of your life with other women by writing Christian devotionals and other articles for our blog. Our aim – to help you get noticed in the Christian publishing world. From time-to time we will sponsor your writing on one of our broadcasts too.

“A Moment with the King” is a ministry of Maryland Women of Worship. Visit our new website and use the Contact Page on the website if you would like to know how you can post your devotional. Whether you’re an unpublished or published author, blogger, or novice  we welcome your work for consideration.

Published writers may also submit links of your “author” website or blog and photos of your book to be featured on your devotional page. If your work is accepted based on our guidelines, we will accept three links and two photo advertisements of your writings. These items will be posted at no charge to the writer until 12/31/2013.

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