Updated Advice for Food Writers

Are you a food writer? What motivates your articles?
About a year ago I ventured into blogging about frequently used recipes and  food articles. I didn’t know what I had started. First, I enjoyed just sharing about my latest great tasting food finds, like Capella Flavor Drops Then, when apples came back into my life, because of illness, I’d forgotten how many recipes you could cook with apples as the main ingredient. I fell in love with Granny Smith and Rome, and Cortland apples. Now, you’ll find a slow cooker always at work preparing a new batch of Applesauce in my kitchen because it helps when I can’t eat solid foods. Peach Apple Cobbler is another family favorite that entices visitors to stay when they smell if cooking. So, at first I only wrote about food for fun. After reading Amanda’s article (below) “Advice for Future Food Writers” my writing focus of my favorite foods probably won’t change. But if gives me food for thought.

Amanda’s Article:

Nearly every week for the past decade, someone has written to me to ask for career advice. Except for those messages that went to my spam box, I’ve answered every one. I do it because I too have been in that wandering state, unsure of what’s next. People helped me then, and now I want… (click  “Advice for Future Food Writers” to read the entire article.)


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