So You Want to Be a Writer…Hear this Interview with Margaret D. Pagan, Author

So, you want to be a writer. You ask yourself, “Should I self publish…Should I publish only digitally…How do I   get started?” My interview with Christian author Margaret D. Pagan gives insight and tips that could help you with some of the answers. Margaret is the author of two great novels, “More Than A Slave” and the “Fulani Girls”. Her devotional will also appear in our March edition of our new online/print/digital magazine, “A Moment With the King.”

Another treat! Tonight’s episode included a reading of an excerpt of her book “More Than a Slave.” A book about Katie Ferguson, a slave who lived an interesting life in New York. You can find her on and on Facebook.

(“A Moment With the King” and “The Ellie Show” are divisions of the Maryland the Women of Worship ministry.)

See you at the show!

The Ellie Show



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