A Moment With The King Magazine

final-photo-God-Remembers-A-Moment-with-the-king-01Are you aware that Maryland Women of Worship published it’s new magazine for Christian women writers? Our ultimate aim – to help them get noticed in the Christian publishing world.

In 2007, we  started out with a small 5 x 8.5 size devotional Study Guide written by women for women. Now, we are a full size magazine still offering devotionals, but we’ve added lifestyle articles for the Christian woman. Let’s face it, we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” We are created in God’s image and He has given us physical, spiritual and mental appetites that need developing. That’s where we come in… Our lifestyle articles and devotionals reach the core of every woman. Enjoy reading the devotionals and lifestyle articles in the current edition of “A Moment With The King” magazine. You can also read the devotionals on the Maryland Women of Worship website. Don’t miss the opportunity to become one of our writers.

Come Write With Us…Women Around the World


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