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maryland-wow-banner.JPG        COME SEE OUR NEW HOME…

We are so glad to be on our way back into your lives…

First let me take the time to thank you for all the support you’ve given the Maryland Women of Worship Inspirational Guide. Throughout the lands from Gambia to Georgia, from the Great Island of Malta to Maryland, from Egypt to England, and from California to Connecticut, we have seen and appreciate your support for the devotional booklet. We are grateful that God has taken us into 31 countries. Readers and authors are located throughout the world.  We continue to receive requests to bring the booklet back. We have heard those requests!

So…for the last two years we worked on changing the format of the “guide”. The Maryland Women of Worship Inspirational Guide will be back in a new magazine digital format. (The new magazine digital format will be located at This website is not available yet. Let me explain the difference between the two websites we will sponsor: – is the website that you are now accessing. This is the home of the Maryland Women of Worship Multimedia Center. It is where you will have access to informational videos, “Today’s Encouraging Videos”,  broadcasts,  “A Moment with the King” and “Mina’s Best of Sacred Music”, and “The Morning Glory Show”, a show offering you sermons, lessons, interviews provided by Wilhelmina Street and other women serving God. If you are interested in being showcased on the “The Morning Glory Show” simply email me at Your message must be sent in mp3 format (audio only). Your sermons will be heard throughout this country and possibly in other lands too. – is where the new digital magazine will be accessed. Here is where you will send your articles (when the website is live) about requested topics. The digital magazine will have sections for devotionals, Christian articles on health, finance, and education. It will also run Christian fictional short-stories. Exciting writing contests will be offered several times throughout the year. The contests will be judged by online readers. For now, if you are interested in writing Christian articles simply email me through this site and we can give you more details about our first digital edition. Look for more information to be posted about going live with it’s first edition on this site and on Facebook.

For now, we hope you will continue to visit this site ( for “The Morning Glory Show” and more.

Note: we expect both of the websites to be fully operational by May 7, 2012


5 thoughts on “Maryland Women of Worship – Blog

  1. Maryland Women of Worship is a ministry that is focused on women-helping-women. Some of the areas of concentration for the ministry – assisting other women who need to be retrained in jobs because they are reentering the workforce, ministering to women who are incarcerated, offering information and guidance to women who find themselves in difficult situations like, being homeless, abusive relationships, and medically challenged conditions.

    Maryland Women of Worship is also home of the Maryland Women of Worship (MD WOW) Devotional Study Guide. A devotional study guide written by women for women. Kick back for a few minutes to tune in to our podcast.

  2. Great work! Fantastic pictures! Can this story be reprinted for use on our online Magazine as a feature article? From time to time we’ll feature locations of our writers. With a few more on-location photos of your neighborhood or where you do most of your writing would make the story complete.

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