Don’t Wait ’til the Battle is Over – Transcript

Don’t Wait ’til the Battle is Over (Praising Him While You Wait) Podcast

Show Host: Wilhelmina Street

Featuring: Toyin Onabowu, Devotionalist

Awww, there it is, there it is.

You’re listening to Walter Hawkins and Donnie McClurkin sing “Thank You”

This is Wilhelmina Street coming to you from Baltimore, MD with “A Moment with the King.”

We’re going to let you listen to “Thank You” and it’s going to let you know a little bit about our broadcast today.

Walter Hawkins and Donnie McClurkin…”Thank You”

Now about today’s show.  

Today’s show features author Toyin Onabowu. (To-yin  Aw-na-bo-wu)

Toyin submitted today’s devotional for our Spring 2007 edition entitled “God of Our Weary Years…God of Our Silent Tears”.

Toyin has been involved in the worship ministry for over 20 years and is an ordained pastor.  She also works as a professional editor and proof-reader. Toyin is the author of the devotional Meditations from the Psalms. She recently published her first novel, “Treasured Possession”. Both books can be purchased from and  For additional information visit one of our websites or the Maryland Women of Worship Facebook page. Toyin is currently working on her second novel. She lives in Essex, England, with her husband and son.

 Praising Him While You Wait

By Toyin Onabowou

Scripture: Psalm 42:5 ; I Samuel 1:15-19

Year after year, Hannah, Samuel’s mother, had suffered the disgrace of being a barren woman. Whenever they went to the temple to worship, she would see other mothers with their children, and would weep and refuse to eat because of her childlessness. One day, fed up with being taunted by her husband’s other wife, Hannah decided to take action. She took her plight to the Lord, in such a distressed state, we are told, that Eli the priest thought she was drunk.

The priest prayed for her, and even though he didn’t exactly tell her she would bear a son, Hannah became convinced that the Lord had heard her prayer and her life changed from that moment. Her situation was unaffected, but Hannah’s countenance was no longer sorrowful. The Bible says she ate her food, worshipped God and carried on with her life.

When we go through challenges, it is easy to elicit sympathy by being, and looking miserable. When Hannah concentrated on her problems, she had her husband’s sympathy, but she remained sorrowful. As soon as she turned her problem over to the Lord, her heart was lighter, her burden lifted, and she was able to praise Him, in anticipation of answered prayer.

In Psalm 42, the writer asked himself the following question: “Why be downcast, when you can trust God with your problems?” Then he talked himself out of discouragement, by confiding in God, and then resting in Him.

Your challenges may have been your companion for a while now, and they maybe grinding you down. Take a leaf out of Hannah’s books. After you have brought your situation before the Lord in prayer,· choose the joy of the Lord. As you begin to worship God, just as Hannah did, will increase, and your outlook will change.


Lord, I cast my cares upon You. May my countenance reflect your glory, instead of my sorrows, as I await your intervention in my life.

Putting it Into Action: 

Keeping God’s promises in mind, go about your business with a song of praise in your heart. Determine more than ever to worship God from a sincere, yet expectant heart. When your situation rises before you, calmly place it back on the altar of prayer, and trust in the Lord. He is a very present help in trouble!

Thanks Toyin for reminding us of how Hannah handle impatience in her life.

And while we reflect on Hannah’s response to her plight of being barren and how she prayed for the same request for what seemed like an eternity, she did not stop year after year—-she was relentlessly in pursuit of God’s dealing in her life.

I ask you, are you in God’s waiting room? If you’re like me—that room, God’s waiting room is a room we don’t like. At its worst times—that room seems like it has no windows of escape, is dark or dimly lit at its best.

Sometimes while in God’s waiting room it seems as though there are occasional sounds of encouragement that filters in over the swell of our constant thoughts. Those messages of encouragement can come through well-meaning freinds and uplifting songs.

But, you know when God takes us into his waiting room—He knows what He is doing and it really is the best place for us at the time.

Let’s face it, nobody likes waiting.

Our culture is geared toward immediate gratification. That explains fast food, instant information through computers, cable television, and cell phones. It also explains convenience stores and microwaves. Its as though our thirst for our immediate needs being met have pushed one of the fruit of the spirit Paul the Apostle mentions in the Book of Galatians “patience” out of view. It’s like we no longer desire to develop patience in our lives.

So what do we do when we find that we just can’t wait?

Why not make a list of the situations in our life when you find yourself asking God, “How long is it going to be before you take care of this problem for me?”

Or, think of the things during the day that cause you to want to break out of God’s waiting room.

Instead of making a break from His waiting room why not ask God to teach you how to deal with those difficult problems, situations and people. When we pray this way we give God the Holy Spirit permission to produce this “fruit of the spirit…patience” in us. Once the fruit of patience takes root in our —life will become more enjoyable.

We started out mentioning Hannah’s prayer but I’d like to also take you to another quick prayer. Something that you can hold onto while you’re in God’s waiting room. A little encouragement for you is found in Lamentations 3:22-24.

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed

for His compassions never fail…

They are….[what]…new every morning:

Great is Your Faithfulness

[This next part I say this to myself to make it real personal…say it to yourself to encourage yourself]

“The Lord is my portion:

Therefore I will wait for Him

 Now, there’s just one more important thing you can do while you’re in God’s waiting room..begin praising Him now for His goodness and mercy….for His omniscience….for His all-knowing, all about your situation and problems. You can also praise Him for His omnipotence…meaning “all powerful” meaning He has the power to handle any problem you may present to Him

Start praising Him and continue praising Him throughout, until the end. When you’re burdened down with the cares of the world—

Repeat these words after me and start living in this principle

Repeat after me




Make that part of your thought processes and use it as encouragement for yourself each time you’re waiting for God to do something and I guarantee you that being in God’s waiting room will not seem so bad.

Remember. God loves you and desires to hear your prayers and your praise…and

Don’t wait until the battle is over Shout Now…meaning praise Him even while He’s working in the background.

You’ve been listening to Wilhelmina Street…don’t forget to tune into Mina’s Best of Sacred Music tonight. Tonight our featured musician is saxophonist Vernard Johnson. Tune in to hear his jazzy gospel.

And as always….. we hope you’ll tune in next week
… take some time out of your busy schedule…
to spend “A Moment with the King”

Today’s Featured Devotionalist:

Toyin Onabowu is a published Christian author, editor, and proofreader.

Her website is or contact her at Don’t forget her books Treasured Possession and “Meditations from the Psalms” are available at


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