Things Don’t Always Go Right…But (Transcript)

Things Don’t Always Go Right…But (Podcast)

Show Host: Wilhelmina Street

This is real life…and in real life things don’t always go right.

Life is made up of twists and turns

Ups and downs…and sometimes alot of bad patches of nothing but dry dirt or tough weeds.

Let’s face it…days when  things just don’t go right are all part of real life.

We can’t expect everything to always go our way.

We can’t expect everything to always be sweet and perfect.

Real life in a sinful world just isn’t like that.

Sometimes unexpected hassels of the day make you want to crawl back into bed.

And, sometimes real life serves us some devastating blows.

Hassels can come clothed in the garments of car breakdowns or accidents,

children struggling at school,

arguments before leaving for work

bosses acting like you’re the only one to do the job

The Lists gets longer as we live real life

And, devastations can appear out of nowhere in the form of losing a job

Losing your home to foreclosure

Or untimely sickness

And, the sad death of a friend or love one

But there still hope! When I experience real life struggles…and I do I turn to pray, scripture, and God.

You too can expect help. In Peter’s letter…there is a promise that God will help you deal with all

the little hassels and large devastations of life because he cares for you.

Yes, I Peter 5:7 reminds us “Casting all your cares upon him: for He careth for you.” is the place to begin.

We should Cast our cares on God.

Why, because He cares for us and

He is omniscient (knows all—everything that is happening to us) He doesn’t have to send for the angels or messengers of heaven for a report or update about you and me.

He is omnipresent (is everywhere at the same time—meaning He didn’t miss what happened to you because he was across town)

And, because He is omnipotent. (He is all powerful—which lets me know that He exceeds all the power of all the powerful men of the world put together. He has the power to change or end our real life hassels and struggles when and if He chooses to.

Psalms 55 is a place where David laments about cries out to God in distress

But somewhere around verse 16 David begins to remember the power of God. And by the time we get to verse 22 David seems to have calmed down because of the comfort in these words:

Cast your cares on the Lord

and he will sustain you;

He will never let the righteous fall.

He ends this time of lamenting with

But as for me, I trust you

One bit of encouragement before I bring this broadcast to a close:

We often see pain and sufferings which are the result of hassels and devastations

as horrible enemies to be avoided at all costs.

Yet the Bible lets us know that suffering can have tremendous value:

Romans 3: 3-4 tells us “We also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering

produces perseverance;

perseverance, character;

and character hope”

Drink, eat, and live in His words in Romans 8:18…

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us”

Present character. Future glory. How can something that results in so much good be so bad?

Thanks for tuning in and…Always take time out of your busy day to spend

“A Moment with the King”


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